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Prices as of Nov. 25, 2015 / 11 A.M.(EST)
Gold: $1357.75         Platinum: $1464.00
Silver: $21.04           Palladium: $772.50

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Ross Metals has been a leader in the precious
metal industry, serving our customers with the most reliable and efficient refining, smelting and assaying facilities.  We have capacities to process small as well as large lots, solid scrap, polishing sweeps, floor sweeps, filings, grindings and just about anything containing gold, silver, platinum and palladium.

We invite you to watch as scrap gold or sweeps turn into cash. Our facilities are designed to allow you to accompany your material (scrap, polishing dust, bench sweeps, etc.) through our facilities. Assure yourself of a quick and efficient settlement while we maximize their value with accuracy and precision.

We may be able to assist you in these financially complicated times by offering you various payment, check, certified check, wire transfer, bank drafts, bullion or the exchange of products from our catalogs.

We have been serving the Jewelry, Dental and Mining industries for over 25 years. As prime refiners of precious metals, you can eliminate the middleman, and receive fast, accurate and reliable settlements.

Services Provided:

Refiners of gold, silver and platinum
Smelters of precious metals
Assayers of gold, silver and platinum group metals
Purchasers of gold, silver and platinum scrap
Polishing sweeps processed and purchased
Bench sweeps smelted and assayed
Floor sweeps processed and purchased
Buyers of gold, silver and platinum
Sink sludges processed and purchased
Dental scrap processed and purchased
Scrap gold purchased
Scrap silver purchased
Scrap  platinum purchased
Scrap palladium purchased