Refining Rates


Upon receipt of your solid scrap, a computerized receipt is generated with a control number (lot number). Weight and type of material is described. A pricing date as well as a settlement date is established. Expect your results in a timely fashion with an unbiased pricing date based on the type of material.

​Once the paper work is finished, your material is treated to the various steps that have been established over the years and proven to be the standard in our industry. Special fluxes are added prior to smelting to increase your materials yield to their maximum. Sometimes special cone shaped molds are required during the pouring process, as well as multiple melts. Lots are always carefully examined for direction of treatment.

We invite you to visit and observe the processing of any of your materials first hand. Our facilities are designed so that you may safely “represent” their handling and processing. As prime refiners for precious metals only we can make this offer. Unlock the hidden value of all your scrap, bench sweeps, dust, polishing and floor sweeps through our facilities.

Click on the icons below to see the finest rates on your refining needs. Special prices and schedules are in order for all the below scrap or sweeps products.
Ross Metals Karat Gold Scrap Ross Metals Gold Filled Plated Gold Ross Metals Refining Department - Lower Grade Scrape Gold
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