Solid Scrap Gold, Silver, Lower Grade



Old Gold / Scrap Gold
"Old Gold", as scrap gold is referred to sometimes, is actually broken, used and unwanted gold  jewelry. It is very much wanted in our refinery!
Manufacturing Scrap / Dental Scrap
Whether it is manufacturing leftovers or dental gold, your scrap will be handled quickly and efficiently in our facilities. Call us for your free scrap containers and pick up service.
Upon receipt of your solid scrap, a computerized receipt is generated with a control number (lot number). Weight and type of material is described. A pricing date as well as a settlement date is established. Expect your result in a timely fashion with an unbiased pricing date based on the type of material.


After the materials are fully "cooked" or made to flow "like soup", we insert graphite rod (pre-heated) and mix the molten materials. This will assure us a homogeneous melt, for that perfect extraction of the sample necessary for the assay.
Lifting is the most difficult part of the operation. The crucible is at its weakest condition and special care must be taken. The weight is multiplied several times due to the distance of the crucible to the operator's arms. Crucibles are handmade of clay and graphite.
Hand pouring is an old specialty craft still in use at Ross Metals. Special fluxes are in use to aid in the smelting process. The precious metal is poured into a graphite mold. After a few minutes, the material cools and then solidifies. The bar is removed from the mold by simply turning the   non-stick graphite mold over and letting gravity do its job.
These four smelters once in a "Full Stream" can smelt precious metals scrap in scant minutes. The large one can handle 20,000 DWT, while the smaller ones are used for the various size lots that are submitted, as well as platinum. The adjacent generator can power a high-rise building. Speed and efficiency are what these smelters are all about. Special fluxes are always in use to aid in the smelting process.
Sampling is done in our clean, modern, temperature controlled environment adjacent to the smelting and sweeps rooms. A sample is selected, sealed and made ready for the laboratory.
A totally new laboratory with all the necessary equipment to provide Ross Metals with the most accurate assays on all precious metals. An environmentally safe, clean and complete facility for the assaying of gold, silver, platinum and palladium.