How to Prevent Tarnishing and Care for Our Products

Sterling Silver:

Sterling Silver jewelry is a popular choice for its lustrous shine and versatile style. However, it can tarnish over time due to exposure to air, moisture, and other environmental factors. Here are some tips to take care of your silver jewelry and prevent tarnishing:

  1. Store it properly: Keep your silver jewelry in a dry and airtight container or a jewelry box. Avoid storing it in humid places such as bathrooms, as moisture can cause tarnishing. This includes humid weather environments, so for businesses who bring out their jewelry each and every day in humid states or areas (such as beaches), do your best to store them when not in use.
  2. Keep it clean: If worn regularly, clean your silver jewelry with a soft, non-abrasive cloth to remove any dirt or oils often. You can use a special cleaning cloth made specifically for silver jewelry or just a soft microfiber cloth. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials, as they can scratch the surface of the silver.
  3. Wear it often: Believe it or not, wearing your silver jewelry regularly can actually help prevent tarnishing. Some oils in your skin help protect the silver from oxidation but others might cause discoloration on your skin or can cause the silver to tarnish. This is all normal! Everyone’s chemical makeup is different but more often than not, wearing your jewelry can be helpful!
  4. Avoid exposure to chemicals: Avoid exposing your silver jewelry to chemicals such as chlorine, bleach, ammonia, or perfumes and lotions as they can all cause discoloration and tarnishing. Take off your silver jewelry before swimming, showering, or cleaning with chemicals at home or in the office!
  5. Consider anti-tarnish products: There are a variety of anti-tarnish products available, such as anti-tarnish strips or jewelry boxes lined with anti-tarnish material, that can help prevent tarnishing. These products absorb moisture and sulfur compounds, which are the main culprits behind tarnishing.

By following these simple tips, you can help keep your silver jewelry looking shiny and beautiful for years to come.

Gold-Filled Jewelry:

Gold-filled jewelry is made using a very special technique of bonding a layer of gold to a base metal such as a mixture of copper and brass. When a product is marked with the fraction 14/20, it means that the item must contain 1/20 (or 5%) of 14K gold with relation to the base metal core. Gold-filled is a much more affordable alternative to solid gold but still shares very similar properties. However, gold-filled jewelry can still tarnish over time, especially if it is not properly cared for. Here are some tips to help you take care of your gold-filled jewelry and prevent tarnishing:

  1. Keep it dry: Avoid wearing your gold-filled jewelry while swimming or showering, as exposure to water can cause tarnishing. Also, make sure to remove your jewelry before exercising or any activity that may cause you to sweat.
  2. Store it properly: When you are not wearing your gold-filled jewelry, store it in a dry and cool place, such as a jewelry box or a pouch. Avoid storing your jewelry in direct sunlight or humid areas, as this can speed up the tarnishing process.
  3. Avoid harsh chemicals: Avoid exposing your gold-filled jewelry to harsh chemicals such as bleach, ammonia, and chlorine. Also, remove your jewelry before applying lotion, perfume, or any other beauty products. Try to wait until products have fully dried to put on your gold-filled jewelry as these products can easily cause tarnishing.
  4. Clean it regularly: To keep your gold-filled jewelry looking its best, clean it regularly with a soft cloth. You can use a gentle soap and warm water solution to remove any dirt or grime, but make sure to dry your jewelry thoroughly afterwards. Use a very small amount of water if you can!
  5. Avoid abrasive materials: When cleaning your gold-filled jewelry, avoid using abrasive materials such as toothbrushes or rough cloths, as this can scratch the surface and cause damage.

By following these tips, you can help keep your gold-filled jewelry looking shiny and new for years to come!

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