Facilities and Showroom

          Located in the heart of the world renowned New York City Diamond District, Ross Metals is the premier source for your findings, mill products, chains, mountings and religious pendants. Ross Metals has returned to its famed and original home on 47th Street after a top-to-bottom renovation that has made it the most sophisticated and professional showroom in the world of wholesale jewelry. Coupled with the largest sales floor and staff in the Diamond District, our powerful and dynamic showroom floor will be able to complete all orders on the same business day (orders received after 3pm will be shipped primarily the next day). We are committed to making our facility the friendliest and cleanest environment in the industry so that our customers can be comfortable and content with their experience at Ross Metals.

          Introduced in 2016, our brand new, organized and sophisticated sales system is nothing short of spectacular and sets the standard for all wholesale jewelry companies. Thanks to our highly trained professionals and state of the art system, orders are completed quicker and with higher accuracy to decrease your wait time and increase your satisfaction. Our attentive and well-trained employees will always be there to offer you the highest quality of findings, mill products, mountings, and chains to match your specific needs. Inquired items are correctly labeled, bagged and double checked for precision before getting them to the cashier for a quick and easy checkout. Whether you call, email, order online, or come directly into our store your order will be handled within seconds and ready in just a couple minutes. Please come down to our showroom on the world famous 47th Street and see this system in action!