14K Pink Flat Medium Plate (Sheet)
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$ 174.09

Please order by the square inch. Then, in your cart, please specify the exact measurements desired in the "notes for seller" box.

Example: if your desired gold plate (sheet) is 3.5" x 2.25", your "quantity" will be 3.5 x 2.25 = 7.875, so please enter 8. Always round up with your calculation, because we will adjust the weight and price accordingly.

Please note: All plates are cut to order. The price is derived from an approximate weight therefore is subject to a minor change if the wire weighs less or more upon cutting.

Unlisted items are available by special order (100 gr minimum)
Stock width & length maximums: 4" x 12" - cut to order (1/8 inch tolerance) (minimum: greater of 1 inch or 1 gram)
Special orders available up to 4" width to any length desired (100 grams minimum)