24K Yellow Flat Soft Plate (Sheet)
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$ 576.49 $ 576.49

Please order by the square inch. Then, in your cart, please specify the exact measurements desired in the "notes for seller" box.

Ifæyour desired gold plate (sheet) is 3.5" x 2.25", your "quantity" will be 3.5 x 2.25 = 7.875, so please enter 8. Always round up with your calculation, because we will adjust the weight and price accordingly (example).

Please note: All plates are cut to order. The price is derived from an approximate weight therefore is subject to a minor change if the wire weighs less or more upon cutting.


Weight Per Sq. Inch

.025 in, 0.63 mm, 22 gauge 7.79 gr
.040 in, 1.00 mm, 18 gauge 12.83 gr
.060 in, 1.50 mm, 15 gauge 19.60 gr


Unlisted items are available by special order (100 gr minimum)
Stock width & length maximums: 4" x 12" - cut to order (1/8 inch tolerance) (minimum: greater of 1 inch or 1 gram)
Special orders available up to 4" width to any length desired (100 grams minimum)